The College of Charleston’s Department of Hispanic Studies boasts the largest and most comprehensive undergraduate program of its kind in the southeast to prepare students for the language demands of a world made increasingly smaller by technology, the global economy, and immigration. It is no secret that the Hispanic culture is an integral part of the United States, the 2nd most populated country of Hispanics; and Spanish is the principal language of 21 countries and the third most spoken language in the world. Consequently, and regardless of their career choices, our graduates find that proficiency in Spanish means increased opportunities, and in turn greater income-earning potential.

The department also benefits from an ensemble of some of the finest and most diverse and dynamic faculty in the region. Yet their research accomplishments do not distract our professors from their commitment to the most important aspect of teaching at a liberal arts university: our students. Such faculty dedication not only affords outstanding educational experiences for students within the classroom, but also provides opportunities that enhance the knowledge of language, literature, culture and history gained in our diverse course offerings. Some of these forums include:

  • Study abroad programs (semester and summer) in Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Spain and others (See Center for International Education)
  • Franco-Hispano House: On-campus housing for qualifying students of Spanish who wish to enhance their extra-curricular language exposure
  • Hispanic Studies Distinguished Lecture Series
  • Service learning through local and international internships
  • Student Opportunities and Leadership
  • Membership in our national-award-winning chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, for qualifying majors and minors
  • Various other guest lectures, cultural festivals, foreign-language films, etc...

Hispanic Studies also takes great pride in collaborating with the College of Charleston’s Masters in Education in Languages, a venture that has proven invaluable for the ongoing preparation of our current and future language teachers.

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