Study Abroad

There is no better way to broaden your global vision, expand your mental horizons and improve your language skills than studying abroad in a country where your language of study is native to its citizens.   Our students of Spanish and Portuguese are fortunate to have access to multiple College of Charleston study abroad programs.

Semester Programs:

Students should consult the pre-requisite requirements when considering these programs.

Buenos Aires, Argentina (Spring)  Program Instructors

Santiago, Chile (Fall)

Havana, Cuba (Spring)

Trujillo, Spain (Spring) 

Summer Programs:


Trujillo, Spain

For downloadable applications and further related information, please visit the Center for International Education's webpage.           

There are numerous advantages to participating in a College of Charleston study abroad program as opposed to non-CofC programs:

1) Students earn grades that count toward their CofC grade point averages, whereas only the credit hours may transfer with non-CofC programs;

2) Courses taken are in sync with the campus curriculum thereby ensuring more accurate preparation for subsequent upper-level coursework back on the Charleston campus;

3) CofC-sponsored programs are designed by CofC for CofC students as opposed to non-CofC programs that attempt to address the needs of students from a wide variety of colleges and universities.

However, if despite the aforementioned advantages you still choose to participate in a study abroad program that is NOT sponsored by the College of Charleston, all approvals of Portuguese and Spanish course transfer credits must made be PRIOR to participating in the program in question and by the following Study Abroad Advisers (please email to schedule a meeting time) of the Department of Hispanic Studies:

Study Abroad Advisors 2019-20

Dr. Luci Moreira

Spanish  (Please email only ONE of the following to schedule a meeting time):
Dr. Edward Chauca
Dr. Elizabeth Martínez-Gibson
Dr. Antonio Pérez-Núñez
Dr. Félix Vásquez
Dr. Marianne Verlinden

For more information on non-CofC programs ("Affiliate Programs"), please click here to visit the Center for International Education's webpage.

For more general information on study abroad, please click here.

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