Student Opportunities and Leadership

After declaring your Spanish major, it is critical that you maintain regular contact with your advisor, your professors, and with the department office staff, all of whom are tremendous resources for you and your college experience.  There are scholarships and new sources of financial aid for which you may qualify. Part-time jobs, internships, service learning and volunteering will play an integral part in your preparation for the future. There is no better way to broaden your global vision, expand your mental horizons and improve your language skills than studying abroad in a country where your language of study is spoken.   

Study Abroad in Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking countries

La Casa Hispana 8 Bull Street residence for qualifying students of Spanish

Foreign Language Tutoring Lab in the Addlestone Library offers free Spanish or Portuguese tutoring

Hispanic Latino Club for Hispanics and Latinos on campus

Portuguese Club and Bate-Papo conversation hour

Spanish Club and Tertulia conversation hour

Portuguese Collegiate Honor Society - Phi Lambda Beta

National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society - Sigma Delta Pi

Global Scholars program

There are more than 200 clubs and organizations for you to consider, many of which can help you hone your leadership skills, and connect you with students who share your interests.