Hispanic Studies Study Abroad Scholarship

The primary purpose of this partial, financial need and merit-based scholarship is to facilitate current Hispanic Studies’ undergraduate students’ participation in the departmentally-sponsored programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina in Spring and Santiago, Chile in Fall.

Program Highlights, Argentina (Spring):

During their time spent in Buenos Aires, students will attend classes at the campus of Hispanic Studies’ regional study abroad partner and maintain close contact with the culture, both through residence with carefully selected Argentine families, as well as by way of planned excursions.

One of the program highlights is that students will live with Argentine families during their semester abroad. The families are selected by an organization that specializes in placing college students with Argentine families, and placement is based on answers to a questionnaire that students complete.  Living with families provides students a great opportunity to learn about Argentina daily life and culture. During the semester, students can participate in cultural activities and excursions that provide a rich cultural experience.

Program Highlights, Chile (Fall):

This program will offer students the opportunity to study in Santiago, Chile, and earn 12 to 15 hours of credit through the College of Charleston.  The rich cultural heritage of Chile, the dynamic urban setting of Santiago, and the stability and safety of the country make Chile a natural choice for students looking for a first-hand experience with the people, language, culture and contemporary issues of the Spanish American world. Students will live with Chilean families, who are carefully selected to provide an enriching cultural immersion. This program is designed mainly for students who are majoring or minoring in Spanish, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and International Studies, or for students from any academic discipline interested in developing fluency in Spanish and maintaining efficient progress toward graduation.

The semester will coincide with the spring and early summer months in the southern hemisphere, an ideal season to explore South America, and to enjoy a period of intense cultural activity. Classes will be conducted Mondays through Thursdays allowing students additional opportunities to explore Chile and/or South America during the long weekends.

Specifics of the Award:

The award will be in the amount of $2,000 and will go to a single, undergraduate Spanish major or minor recipient. The award will NOT be transferable, and if granted, it must be used solely for the study abroad experience stipulated. The award is competitive, and special consideration will be given to declared Spanish majors, the applicant’s academic record, and extra-curricular activities related to Hispanic Studies. To determine the applicant’s financial need, the selection committee will consider the applicant’s personal statement (see below) and consult with the College of Charleston’s Office of Financial Assistance and Veteran Affairs.

Award Prerequisites:

1) Must have completed, or be in the process of completing, SPAN 202 prior to the planned study abroad
2) Must have at least a 3.0 overall GPA.
3) Must be a declared Spanish major or minor.

Required Materials:

1) Two (2) letters of recommendation from current and/or past professors of Spanish at CofC (to be requested through the portal below).
2) A pdf copy of your current degree audit (MyCharleston).
3) A personal statement: In at least 200 words, describe how you believe studying abroad in Argentina or Chile would assist your academic objectives and future career plans, and explain how this scholarship would meet your financial needs to participate in this program.  If you have already studied abroad in a Spanish-speaking country, please specify and explain how this additional experience will benefit you.

Application and materials for the Hispanic Studies Study Abroad Scholarship should be submitted via https://cofc.academicworks.com/ (portal opens mid-August).

DEADLINE for submission for Buenos Aires, Argentina for Spring 2024:  October 1, 2023 at 5 p.m.  Incomplete applications and those received after that date will not be considered.