Casa Hispana Scholarship

The Casa Hispana, located on the College of Charleston’s campus at 8 Bull Street, is a residential living and learning community, the primary purpose of which is to promote proficiency in the Spanish language and a greater understanding and appreciation of the many cultures that make up the Hispanic world. 

Residents must be enrolled in at least SPAN 202 or higher and have declared a major or minor in Spanish prior to their taking up residence in the house. While forming part of the Casa Hispana community, inhabitants are required to speak Spanish at all times within the house. In addition, they are responsible for the hosting of 2-3 cultural events per semester. 

The Hispanic Studies’ Casa Hispana Scholarship is a partial scholarship which contributes $2,000 to the cost of one academic year’s residence in the Casa Hispana (with $1,000 being allocated per semester). The award is merit and financial needs based and is granted to a singular, current undergraduate Spanish major or minor at the College of Charleston. 

To determine merit and financial need, the scholarship selection committee will consider such items as the student’s academic record, letters of recommendation submitted in the applicant’s name by Hispanic Studies faculty and financial aid documentation on file with the institution, such as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. This award will NOT be transferable and, if granted, must be used solely for residence in the Casa Hispana, during the period stipulated. 

In addition to the above, the Casa Hispana Scholarship Selection Committee will consider student responses to a mandatory personal statement, which should address the reasons for wishing to join the Casa community, his/her past engagement with the Department of Hispanic Studies (e.g., in the context of extra-curricular activities), and how being awarded the scholarship would address financial needs.

Required Application Materials:

1)  Personal statement.  In at least 200 words, describe how you would be able to contribute to and enrich the life of the Casa. Also, comment upon how being awarded this scholarship would assist your academic objectives and future career plans, as well as how it would meet your financial needs.  

2) Two letters of recommendation from current and/or past professors of Spanish at CofC (sent directly by recommenders to Dr. Michael A. Gómez via email:

3) A pdf copy of your current degree audit (MyCharleston).

Please submit these items via the following portal:

DEADLINE for application materials submission for 2022-2023 Academic YearFriday, January 28, 2022

Donate to the Casa Hispana Scholarship Fund!

Do you have fond memories of living in the Casa? Give to the Casa Hispana Scholarship Fund at the link below and make the wonderful possibility of residence in this unique community a reality for future Spanish majors and minors. ¡Mil gracias!

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Michael A. Gómez, Department Chair, at