Student Focus

Hispanic Studies students are engaged in a wide array of campus activities.  HISP Student Focus highlights one student a month during the academic year.  Please read more about our students at the links below.

March 2020  Brandy del Rio

February 2020  Aman Paintlia

January 2020  Elizabeth Edmunds

December 2019  Bryson Cook

November 2019  Millie Noury

October 2019  Arianna Alvarado

May 2019  Jessica Lassiter

April 2019  Jenna McLaughlin

March 2019  George Gabriel

February 2019  Alexandra Helfgott

January 2019  Madi Crow

December 2018  Alex Mielcarek

November 2018  James Riggs

October 2018  Sarah Dixon

September 2018  Danya Firestone

May 2018  Camila Bailey

April 2018  Le'ah Griggs

March 2018  Katherine Murchison

February 2018 Jolie Hiers

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