In collaboration with Dr. Mike Overholt from the Teaching and Learning Team, the College of Charleston's Department of Hispanic Studies presents HispaCasts, a podcast series that highlights students, alumni, faculty and programs. Click on the links below to listen.

HispaCasts, Episode 11 (January 31, 2020): Alumnus Will Davis (CofC class of 2016)

HispaCasts, Episode 10 (November 12, 2019): Alumnus Justin Lyons (CofC class of 2014)

HispaCasts, Episode 9 (September 18, 2019): Dr. Michael A. Gómez (Professor and Chair)

HispaCasts, Episode 8 (July 17, 2019): Devon Hanahan (Senior Instructor of Spanish, Director of Casa Hispana)

HispaCasts, Episode 7 (June 18, 2019): Esther Ferguson (Philanthropist and Founder of CofC's Program in Trujillo)

HispaCasts, Episode 6 (April 25, 2019): Dr. Carl Wise (Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies)

HispaCasts, Episode 5 (March 28, 2019): Alumna Melanie Keller (CofC class of 2010)

HispaCasts, Episode 4 (March 14, 2019): Alumnus Ryan Morris (CofC class of 2008)

HispaCasts, Episode 3 (Feb 28, 2019): Dr. Raúl Carrillo Arciniega (Writer and CofC's Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies)

HispaCasts, Episode 2 (Feb 21, 2019): Alumna Emily Williams (CofC class of 2012)

HispaCasts, Episode 1 (Jan 18, 2019): Student Madi Crow (CofC class of 2020)