Joseph R. Weyers

Professor of Spanish
Co-director, Global Scholars Program

Address: 142 JC LONG
Phone: 843.953.6782
Personal Website:

Dr. Weyers joined the College of Charleston in 1995. His research and teaching emphasizes Spanish sociolinguistics and Latin American cultures. His area of expertise is Forms of Address in Spanish, emphasizing linguistic situations in which and vos are in competition. He has published extensively on address forms in Uruguay and Colombia, along with other language contact situations like those of Paraguay and Peru. Dr. Weyers is a certified OPI tester (Spanish). He co-directs the College of Charleston's Global Scholars program.


The University of New Mexico, Ph.D. in Romance Linguistics, 1995

The University of New Mexico, M.A. in Latin American Studies, 1991

Allegheny College, B.A. in Spanish & Latin American Studies, 1987

Research Interests

Hispanic sociolinguistics; Forms of Address in Spanish; Linguistic Landscape in the Spanish-speaking world; teaching methodology; and oral proficiency.

Courses Taught

SPAN 314  Spanish Conversation

SPAN 333: México lindo y querido

SPAN 344   Advanced Grammar & Lexicon

SPAN 350   Intensive Conversation & Composition

SPAN 381   Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

SPAN 382   Speaking Strategies

SPAN 383   Spanish Around the World

SPAN 446   History of the Spanish Language

SPAN 448   Spanish Sociolinguistics

SPAN 450   Spanish in the US

SPAN 491   Special Topic: El español de Colombia

SPAN 495   UNESCO World Heritage in the Spanish-speaking World

SPAN 682  Spanish Oral Proficiency

HISP 252   Spanish as a Global Language

HONS 390  Postcards from Mexico



Honors and Awards

2021  ExCel Outstanding Faculty Member in LCWA

2014  ExCel Outstanding Faculty Member in LCWA

2011  Honorary Member, Sigma Delta Pi

2008  Global Scholar


Selected recent publications:

Weyers, Joseph R. 2022. "Attitudes toward ustedeo, tuteo, and voseo in Medellín: A test case for written domains". Hispanic Studies Review 6.1,

Weyers, Joseph R. 2021. "Vos and tú in the linguistic landscape: Attitudes toward their use in Medellín, Colombia". Spanish in Context 18.2: 218-238.

Weyers, Joseph R. 2021. "Linguistic attitudes among Antioquian (Colombia) teachers: Vos and its role in education". Hispania 104.1: 103-117.

Weyers, Joseph R. 2020. "A tale of three languages: Spanish, Guaraní, and English in Asunción, Paraguay". Southern Journal of Linguistics 44.2: 98-119.

Weyers, Joseph R. 2020. "El caso excepcional del guaraní paraguayo". CuéntELE (Universidad EAFIT, Medellín, Colombia),

Weyers, Joseph R. 2018. "Quechua in the linguistic landscape of Cusco, Peru: Showcasing culture and boosting pride". Southern Journal of Linguistics 42.2: 60-76.

Weyers, Joseph R. 2017. "Beer, hot dogs, and politics: The vocative function of Medellín's voseo". Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 95.5: 475-489.

Weyers, Joseph R. 2016. "Medellín Cuenta con vos: The changing role of voseo in written communication". Comunicación (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín, Colombia) 35: 67-81

Weyers, Joseph R. 2016. "Making the case for increased prestige of the vernacular: Medellín's voseo". In Forms of address in the Spanish-speaking world, ed. by María Irene Moyna & Susana Rivera. New York: John Benjamins, p. 287-302.

Weyers, Joseph R. 2016. "The tuteo of Rocha, Uruguay: Is it as stable as it seems?" In Spanish-language and sociolinguistic analysis, ed. by Sandro Sessarego & Fernando Tejedo. New York: John Benjamins, p. 305-321.