Falcon Restrepo-Ramos

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Address: Long 129
E-mail: restreporamosfd@cofc.edu
Personal Website: https://falconrr.github.io/

Falcon Restrepo-Ramos is an assistant professor of Spanish and Linguistics at the College of Charleston. In 2017 he traveled to the Archipelago of San Andres, Colombia, for his dissertation project, which focused on the outcomes of contact between the local Creole variety and the national language of Spanish. This project led the path to explore the subject further with several works on the sociophonetics of monolingual/bilingual rhotics, and the linguistic landscape of these island territories. His current work addresses issues in Spanish sociolinguistics and L2 development in Latin America and the US with the use of natural language processing tools. 


PhD in Spanish Linguistics, University of Florida

MA in Computational Linguistics, Indiana University (In Progress)

Research Interests

Computational Sociolinguistics, Language Variation, Spanish L2 Development, Linguistic Landscape, NLP

Courses Taught

SPAN 190
SPAN 202

Honors and Awards

  • Calvin A. VanderWerf For Excellence in Teaching Award (2018-2019), The Graduate School Award for the Highest Ranked Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Florida for the 2018-2019 Academic Year
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award – Hispanic Linguistics Track (2018-2019)Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies, University of Florida
  • Graduate School Doctoral Dissertation Award (Summer 2019)The Graduate School at the University of Florida
  • Upper Division Teaching Award (2015-2016)Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies, University of Florida


Peer-Reviewed Journals and Conference Proceedings

  • Restrepo Ramos, F. (2015). Incidental vocabulary learning in second language acquisition: A literature review. PROFILE Issues in Teachers’ Professional Development, 17(1), 157-166. http://dx.doi.org/10.15446/profile.v17n1.43957
  • Restrepo Ramos, F. (2019). A sociophonetic analysis of Islander Creole rhotics. Proceedings of the Florida Linguistics Yearly Meeting, 6 (1), pp. 76-90. https://journals.flvc.org/floridalinguisticspapers/article/view/116773
  • Restrepo Ramos, F. (2020). Public signage in a Multilingual Caribbean enclave: The linguistic landscape of Old Providence and Santa Catalina, Colombia. In Pascual y Cabo D., Elola I. (Eds.), Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics. Benjamin Publishings. https://doi.org/10.1075/ihll.27.13res
  • Restrepo Ramos, F. (under review) Non-vibrant bilingual rhotics in two island communities.
  • Denbaum, N. Restrepo-Ramos, F. (under review) Tan paisa como vos: Competing forms of address in Medellin, Colombia.
  • Restrepo Ramos, F. (under review) Decreasing differences and increasing distances: Rhotic neutralization and contrast in a bilingual Spanish-Creole community.
  • Restrepo-Ramos, F.Denbaum, N. (under review) The syntactic and discursive properties of second person singular forms of address in Paisa Spanish.
  • Restrepo Ramos, F. (under review). Contrastive language policies: A comparison of two regional linguistic landscapes in contact with Spanish.

Book Chapters

  • Restrepo Ramos, F. (Accepted). If signs could talk: Language practices revealed by the linguistic landscape of the archipelago of San Andres, Colombia. In Leung G., Loschky M., Leusman H. (Eds.), When Creole and Spanish collide: Language and cultural contact in the Caribbean. Brill’s Caribbean Series.
  • Restrepo Ramos, F. (Tentatively Accepted) A changing landscape of Voseo in Medellin? The momentum and perception of Voseo in the public signage of the Valle de Aburra, Colombia. In Gubitosi, P., Ramos-Pellicia, M. (Eds), Linguistic Landscape in the Spanish-speaking World.

Other Contributions

  • Restrepo-Ramos, F. (2019). Confidences from the GTA Life: The Path to Professional Development. [Online] A blog contribution for Successful Teaching. Available on: https://successfulteaching.wordpress.com/
  • Restrepo-Ramos, F. (2019). El español en Estados Unidos: Un recorrido breve por su origen y expansión. CuéntELE: Recorridos e Itinerarios. 5ta Ed., Primavera 2019, Idiomas EAFIT, Medellín, Colombia. https://issuu.com/cuentele/docs/revista_5_publicar
  • Restrepo-Ramos, F. (2018) Gabmap - A web application for mapping dialectal diversity: Bringing insights from research to the dialectology classroom (2018). AAALGrads Newsletter, Fall 2018 Edition. https://www.aaal-gsc.org/newsletter