Christina Garcia

Assistant Professor of Spanish

Address: JC Long 140
Phone: 843.953.5718
Curriculum Vitae: Download


University of California, Irvine
Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese, 2018

New York University
M.A., Humanities and Social Thought, 2009

Florida International University
B.A., English and Art History, 2004

Research Interests

In the broader scope of my research, I look at both literary and visual works from the Hispanophone Caribbean, drawing largely from ecocritical methods of formal analysis. I’m interested in how particular aesthetic techniques can provide alternative forms of imagining the physical body and its environment, especially when such reimagining works to unsettle the secure boundaries of “the human.” Recently, I’ve focused on the work of contemporary writers and artists from Cuba who draw our attention to the shared materiality of what we often think of as different kinds of bodies; and, in so doing, both undermine dominant models of national subjectivity and belonging in order to solicit more expansive and ecological forms of thought and practice.


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“Of Souls, Skins and Leopard Prints: Queer and Animal Creations of Cubanbeings.” Revista de Estudios Hispánicos 55.3, October 2021.

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“The Ethics of Botched Taxidermy.” Antennae: the Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, Issue 7, Autumn 2008.

Public Scholarship

“The Off-Havana Thriving Art Scene”  Cuba Counterpoints, April 2017, Arts Section

“Surfaces, Skins, and Secrets: Belkis Ayón in L.A.”  Cuba Counterpoints, November 2016, Arts Section