Adelaida E. Bidot López

Adjunct Lecturer of Spanish

Address: Bell 200-B
Phone: 843.953.0248
Curriculum Vitae: Download

For the past eighteen years Bidot López has been a Spanish professor in two of the main universities in Puerto Rico: The Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico and The University of Puerto Rico. She moved to the United States two years ago looking for a new personal and professional life. Charleston is now her home.

She studies linguistics in a self-taught way and is a follower of the postulates of Chomsky's Universal Grammar. In the area of literature, she is a specialist in the work of Milan Kundera. She was commissioned by the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico to research and write eight books about the university’s history. To date, three of them have been published and she is working on the fourth volume.

Prof. Bidot López has worked as a mentor to student groups with interests in literature, including literary clubs, poetry clubs, and theater clubs.

She has given courses on Spanish Literature, Spanish Language and Grammar, Past and Contemporary Theater, Creative Writing, Oratory and Media, Writing Composition, Grammar and Literature, Spanish as second language, Universal and Latin American Literature, Caribbean Literature, and Film and Society.


Universidad de Murcia, Spain
Doctorate courses in Literature Theory

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico
BA and MA in Hispanic Studies