Faculty Focus

Hispanic Studies faculty members are engaged in a wide array of professional activities.  HISP Faculty Focus highlights one faculty member a month during the academic year.  Please read more about our faculty at the links below.

April 2022  Dr. Nadia Avendaño

March 2022  Professor Eileen Shields

February 2022  Dr. Colleen Moorman

December 2021  Professor Tina Maric

November 2021  Dr. Antonio Pérez-Núñez

October 2021  Professor Soledad Francis

September 2021  Dr. José Chávarry

April 2021  Dr. Raúl Carrillo-Arciniega

March 2021  Professor Georgia Schlau

February 2021  Dr. Christina García

January 2021  Professor Betsy Hance

December 2020  Dr. Ricard Viñas de Puig

November 2020  Professor Carola Ramírez-Castello

October 2020  Professor Yulian Martínez-Escobar

September 2020  Dr. Falcon Restrepo-Ramos

March 2020  Dr. Edward Chauca

February 2020  Professor Gustavo Urdaneta

January 2020  Dr. Emily Beck

December 2019  Dr. Daniela Meireles

November 2019  Professor Marisol Castro-Calzada

October 2019  Dr. Elizabeth Martínez-Gibson

May 2019  Professor Mary Ann Blitt

April 2019  Dr. Luci Moreira

March 2019  Professor Fenner Hoell

February 2019  Professor Claudia Moran

January 2019  Dr. Félix Vásquez

December 2018  Professor Stephanie Forgash

November 2018  Dr. Susan Divine

October 2018  Professor E. Berenice Marquina Castillo

September 2018  Dr. Vicki Garrett

August 2018  Dr. Silvia Rodríguez Sabater

May 2018  Dr. Marianne Verlinden

April 2018  Professor Lauren Hetrovicz

March 2018  Dr. Lola Colomina

February 2018  Professor Allison Zaubi

January 2018  Professor Daniel Delgado Díaz