Internships, Volunteer Opportunities and Experiential Learning

International Spanish-Language Internships for SPAN Major/Minor Credit

Hispanic Studies is very pleased to announce a new opportunity it has identified for those seeking to engage in experiential learning while using their Spanish language skills in the professional context: International Spanish-language based internships.

Such international internships --rolled out, at first, in the virtual contextwill be offered through Academic Programs International (API), one of the College of Charleston’s affiliated study abroad providers and an organization with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. 

During the upcoming Summer of 2021, a virtual internship program is planned to run during API’s Summer II Session, which extends from June 28th to August 20th.  Watch this video for more information.

As you will see from API’s dedicated virtual internship website, qualified students will have opportunities to get valuable professional and linguistic experience in places such as Argentina, Chile and Spain.

Participating students would, through successful completion of the 3 credit / 120 hour internship experience run jointly by API and the fully accredited Universidad de Congreso (Argentina), receive 3 hours of transfer credit for Hispanic Studies’ SPAN 401 Internship, the catalog description of and prerequisites for which are reproduced below:

SPAN 401 Internship (1-4)

Practical applications for the integration of research and language skills in work or service areas related to Hispanic Studies, domestic or international. Students identify internship programs or sites; faculty supervisor identifies learning objectives. Course involves designated work at internship site, readings, discussions and a final project.

Prerequisite(s): Declared Spanish major or minor; SPAN 313 and either SPAN 314, SPAN 312 or SPAN 328; at least two additional courses at the 300- or 400- level; acceptance to an internship program or site; interview with and approval of the instructor.

Other Volunteer or Internship Opportunities

In addition to the above, Hispanic Studies has identified potential volunteer and/or internship opportunities at the following locally-based entities.  Please refer to this internship guide for opportunities that the student identifies and arranges in the Charleston area.

El Informador: A Spanish and Portuguese language newspaper in the Charleston area, which has periodically offered positions to Hispanic Studies students for Spanish language based reporting and social media promotions.

Holy City Treks: A non-profit organization which works to combat homelessness in Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley counties, in part, through the production of quality Spanish-language translations of educational and promotional materials to raise awareness about housing opportunities and other social resources.

Shifa Free Clinic of Mount Pleasant: An agency dedicated to community outreach and medical care which periodically utilizes Hispanic Studies students for Spanish language assistance in both their clinic and food-bank.

For more information on these above opportunities, please contact Dr. Michael Gómez, Chair of Hispanic Studies at