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Students who plan to take Spanish or Portuguese will be placed in a language class based upon prior high school language instruction and in accordance with the Language Placement Guidelines for Incoming Students. This document shows course placement, credit awarded, and Gen Ed requirement for the number of years of high school language, AP Spanish test scores, IB exam scores, and CLEP exam scores.

If you are a native or heritage speaker of Spanish or Portuguese and wish to be exempted from the language requirement at College of Charleston, or to continue the study of your heritage language, please contact Dr. Del Mastro at to schedule a short written/oral test for proper placement.  Placement tests are given on Thursdays at 3 pm.

Please see our Quick Guide to Spanish Placement to see which class you should take, depending on years of high school Spanish.

Quick Guide

See this document for the scope of the Basic Spanish Language Program and the textbooks used for each class.

BSLP scope

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